Melon’s Annual CO Visit :)


My bff Melon and her boyfriend came out to Colorado for a lovely 4 day visit last week/weekend. Melon is one in a million and an awesome friend, you know, the type of friend I can 100% be myself around (obvi) and she’s so much fun to kick it with – whether it be running (we ran on the same HS track and XC team), camping, girl talking, lounging around, goofing off. She’s hilarious. And her boyfriend is the same, well, minus the girl talking part ;)

It was great seeing those two. I showed them around town, we enjoyed some local brews, Mel and I went for a run (no knee pain! win!) and a hike (Mt. Sanitas – one of my favs), we went camping over the weekend, and saw my parents down in Pueblo (my dad is dominating his America By Bike trip, he looks great!). Jam-packed weekend, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When you only get to see your best friend once or twice a year, you make the hours count!

While they were here, we went for a mini cutesy photoshoot at one of the parks/trails near my place. It’s easy to take pictures of such an adorable and in-love couple. Aww yes, love. I love Love. But you all knew that :) Here are a few teasers from the sesh.

Like anytime with good friends, the visit flew by and now I’ll have to wait till Christmas break to see them again… Long distance is such a drag.

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  1. Great photographs! I feel like it captures the moment really well.

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