MVP: Update 2

M.V.P.: Man Versus Pavement, Update 2
Once a week, I want to write a little update on my (amazing, inspiring, hardcore) dad, who’s currently riding his bicycle across America.

So my dad is well into Colorado at this point. Last time I wrote about him, he had just crossed into Utah. Today, he’ll be riding into Salida, Colorado! Today marks Day 19 of riding, from when he started in San Fransisco.

Man Versus Pavement, Days 0-19

Every day I talk to him, he always sounds excited, upbeat, and energetic about the whole trip. Though he’s gone over some tough climbs and has to face pretty intense winds, he’s feeling strong. Well, duh, he’s my dad. He’s a champ.

I asked him a few questions last night about the past leg of his journey (since I last interviewed him)…

What’s one of the most beautiful things you’ve seen in the past 9 days?
The Bonneville Salt Flats

How often do you have to do laundry?!
About every 5 days

What’s the weather like? Is it hot all the time?
I start most days with my arm and/or leg warmers on, but end up in just the shorts and singlet by the afternoon/evening.

When do you usually go to bed? Wake up?
Usually between 8-9PM, and I wake up a bit before 5AM.

Today, my mom is meeting my dad in Salida, CO (seeing him for the first time since his trip started!) and on Saturday, I’m meeting up with my mom, brother, uncle, and several family friends in Pueblo to hang out with my dad on his second rest day of the whole trip thus far :) I can’t wait to see him!

(You can read more about his experience so far, on his blog: Man Versus Pavement)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tara says:

    Your dad is a rockstar! I hope to be doing the same things when I am his age (he is young compared to a lot of people his age; kudos to him!).

    And congrats to YOU on your new road bike! I hope to ride with you someday. :)

    Not sure about running Denver, since it is the week after Chicago, but I am seriously considering switching and doing Denver INSTEAD of Chicago. Hmmmm….we’ll see what happens….

  2. Ally says:

    Your dad is amazing!!

  3. melon says:

    Love the pics, thank you rin :)

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