If you follow me on twitter (@eefortin) you’ve probably seen me tweet like a bird about how excited I am, but seeing as most of my family/friends aren’t on the twitterverse, I wanted to share some very awesome news…

I got a road bike!!!

A Specialized Dolce Elite, to be exact. I did a lot of research and shopping around (with a lot of help from a biking guru friend) and finally made the purchase on Sunday. I am so excited about it! She’s beautiful and light and fast and smooth. Ever since the marathon, my knee hasn’t let me enjoy running again so I knew I needed something else to keep me sane. I come from a family that appreciates the outdoors and working out (and owns almost every type of sports equipment imaginable), so when I told my fam I was looking at getting a road bike, their first impression was “‘it’s about time!” Well, family, I finally joined the club!

I’ve gone out riding 4 times since Sunday, but each ride has been pretty short. I’m still trying to get used to the speed (I’m used to pounding the pavement at 7 mph, not 17!) and gain confidence. It’s pretty scary going downhill!

My toosh is decently sore today (thank goodness for bike shorts) but other than that, I’m really loving this new sport. For now, my Dolce baby will be great for cross training and staying fit, but who knows? Maybe this runner might turn triathlete some day… maybe someday :)


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