Hangin’ with the gang in Steamboat

I spent last weekend in one of my favorite places: Steamboat, Colorado. Not only is Steamboat just plain gorgeous (an oasis, if you will) but more importantly, my very good friend Erik lives there now. Visiting him is like reliving college because we listen to the same classic music we used to (music has the most potent effect on memory, does it not?), we reminisce stories, we laugh, we stay up all night pretending to be college kids again. Our good friend Terry is living with Erik in Steamboat this summer (woohoo! bring the Woo kids out west!) and Mark was on a short vacation from his TFA duties so he came to Steamboat, too! 4 Wooster friends + 3 days together = good times.

These guys are like my brothers. We’ve had many a XC and track memory together, and I couldn’t be more myself around them :)

We went out to brunch, we lounged by the pool, we hit up the steam room and hot tub, we spent entirely too long in the grocery store looking for dinner on Saturday night, we watched Transformers, Mark mountain biked while Terry went for a run and Erik and I hung out on the trails reading books, we stayed up early, we slept in late, and then we found this hilarious dinosaur:

Driving home on Sunday night after the weekend, I found myself feeling the way I always do after each visit to Steamboat: nostalgic. I miss college. I spun through my iPod looking for music and ended up singing my heart out to all the good stuff Erik, Nick, Niki, Joel, Pat, and the XC team introduced me to.

Though the 4 hour drive was filled with happy and sad feelings from college memories flooding back, the sunset was beautiful. Somethin’ about the mountains and solitude and no cell phone reception to call anyone in the mean time, really makes ya think.

I’m so lucky to have made the friends and memories I did while at Wooster. So very lucky.

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  1. melon says:

    I want more pictures!!

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