MVP: Update 1


M.V.P.: Man Versus Pavement, Update 1

Once a week, I want to write a little update on my (amazing, inspiring, hardcore) dad, who’s currently riding his bicycle across America.

My pops has been on the road for 10 days now and he’s currently riding across Nevada, and by tonight, he’ll be in Utah!

Man Versus Pavement; Days 0-10

He started in San Francisco on Sunday June 6 and today he’ll be reaching Wendover, UT. He’s had an exciting past 10 days. His biking group is great, including a father and his 20-something year old daughter, who are riding together on this journey (makes me jealous and wish I could be doing this with my dad, too). My dad had his first flat (but has been told to expect at least  10 over the whole trip), rode part of the California Trail, and had to say bye to a few friends who’ve had rough wipe-outs and had to cut their trips short.

Thanks to cell phones, cameras, and internet, my fam is able to keep in pretty solid touch with my dad. He looks and sounds great :) We can’t wait to see him next week when he rides through Colorado!

Last night, I asked my dad a few questions about his trip so far…

Favorite memory/day/experience so far?
The 1st day, riding over the Golden Gate Bridge. And, riding on the California Trail.

What do you eat for lunch during all the long days of riding?
It depends, on shorter days we stop through towns for lunch, on the longer days we have SAG (support and gear) stops where we eat PB sandwiches, granola, etc.

What’s the hardest part of riding an average of 75 miles every day?
The wind.

What’s one of the things you are most looking forward to right now?
Salt Lake City – the first rest day of the trip.

Today, he’ll be riding 108 miles and on Wednesday? His longest day yet: 118 miles!

(You can read more about his experience so far, on his blog: Man Versus Pavement)

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ooooo I bet riding across the Golden Gate bridge would be amazingly breathtaking (as long as there’s no fog… :-/)….

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