Aqua Jogging


A week’s worth of pumping iron and working out at 7am is catching up to me. I’m tired. And, I’m super hungry, like, all the time… I pounded the apple cinnamon oatmeal I just got from Jamba Juice this morning. Mmm so good. Can I get another?

My knee/ITB was quasi-achy yesterday after using the elliptical, so today I opted for the pool. Not to swim laps, but to aqua jog! We used to aqua jog all the time in HS during our Friday two-a-days and during XC camp week in college. Those were goods time – running in the pool, hanging out with the entire team, and getting a good workout. Aqua jogging is no joke, dude (I don’t use those floaty belts), especially if you’re “running” quickly.

So I aqua jogged for 30 minutes this morning, then hit up the gym to do some hip/glute exercises and abs. I’m looking forward to relaxing poolside and watching the World Cup in Steamboat Springs with Erik (my friend that lives there) and some of my good friends from college :)

I hope you have a great weekend, too!

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