Three Things Thursday


1. I test drove a really nice entry level rode bike for the first time yesterday. I’m already in love (and day dreaming about the day I can buy my own).

2. A group of friends and I are signing up to do the Avery Brewery 4k on the 4th of July! I’m super stoked because the registration fee also pays for all you can drink beer (mmm, Ellie’s Brown Ale) and free breakfast! If you’re around the Boulder area, you should sign up too, ’cause it’s gonna be a blast! Support the microbrewery!

3. I’m pretty sure I did some sort of mild damage to my vocal chords in high school and college, during all those XC/track races where I’d be cheering my lungs out. To this day, my voice goes through phases of turning hoarse and I sound like a man/chain smoker (which I assure you, I am neither of the two). This week has been one of those phases. It hurts to talk and I have no idea how to fix it. I’ve tried drinking tea, water, whathaveyou, but nothing seems to help. Any ideas??

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