Workout High


It’s amazing what working out can do for your mentality. I feel healthier, I’m more energetic, I’m happier, I enjoy the mornings more, and I sleep better at night. I’ve been sleeping like a baby all week. The second my head hits the pillow, I’m OUT. Mmmm.

If ya can’t tell, I’m really enjoying waking up early to work out. Maybe it’s the ‘workout high’ I’m still on from the 30 mins on the elliptical + pumping iron, or just the delicious hazelnut coffee I’m sipping on, but I’m in such a great mood today :)

I’ve got a bunch of really great things to look forward to, too. Things on my plate for this month:

June 11-13: Steamboat! I’m going up to SB to visit 3 of my XC/track buddies from college. Love them. I look forward to layin’ out by Erik’s pool, enjoying a few drinks poolside, and reminscing about the good ol’ days at Woo.

June 18-20: Lab Group Camp Trip! My research lab and I are all packing up and heading out to the mountains for a 3 day, 2-night group bonding trip. If I haven’t mentioned this before, my labmates are the bomb. We have a lot of fun together and 3 days in the woods -away from science- will be sweet.

June 20-22: Mom! My ma is coming to town and I’m pumped to see her! As I’ve gotten older, we’ve gotten really tight. She’s my rock and I love spending girl time with just her. I’m stoked to have her all to myself that weekend.

June 25: Dad, Mom, Bro! As you know, my rockstar dad is biking across America right now and on the 25th, he’ll be in Pueblo, CO. I’m driving down to visit him, along with my mom and bro. Yay (partial) family reunion! And to think… he’s in California right now…

June 24-27: Melon and Nate! My bff and her bf are coming to visit for 4 fabulous days of hiking/camping/tubing/laying out/hanging out. I’m so lucky that she and Nate were able to fly out here for a visit. Mel came out last summer and I think I overdid it by dragging her up a 13,000ft mountain, maybe I’ll go easier on her this time ;)

Needless to say, June is gonna be an awesome month (every month in the summer (and winter.. ok, every month) in CO is awesome) and I’m so lucky to live in such a great place.

Now if only the chemistry building had air con, life would be perfect :)

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  1. melon says:

    ERIN!! Love your list, the blog, and your DAD! Can’t wait to see him and go adventuring with you! Muah, much love!

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