Mmm, Sore.


Up and at it again this morning! Though peeling myself out of bed was harder this morning than yesterday, today’s workout was fabulous. I worked my butt off and I’m pretty cashed. Things I’ve noticed:

  • I love the gym in the early AM. No meatheads, it’s not crowded, the place doesn’t smell funny, and it’s pleasantly quiet.
  • Designated workout programs on the elliptical will kick your butt. In a good way.
  • My ITB doesn’t hurt when I’m on the elliptical nor when I’m lifting (WIN!)
  • The pool looks refreshingly desirable when I’m sweating up a storm (the elliptical machines overlook the pool)
  • My lower body to upper body strength ratio is probably a gazzillion to one
  • I love using the ab machine (mmm hurts so good)
  • I get ready for work in the locker room twice as fast as I do when I’m at home

Yesterday’s lower body lifting sesh has left me quite sore today (mmm) and I already know the pain my upper body will be feeling tomorrow. Bring it.

In other veryvery exciting news, I’ve been doing a little research and shopping around. For what you say? Oh, the most exciting new addition to my athletic life: a road bike! I haven’t taken the plunge on anything yet, but I’ve got my feelers out. There’s a lot more to learn! With my ITB giving me problems, having a road bike to do some distance cross training on would really rock. And I’ve always been interested in the challenge of doing a¬†triathlon, so perhaps maybe someday – with the addition of a new road bike – I could get into those.

We’ll see :)

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  1. Ally says:

    Shh, here’s a secret: I cannot ride a bike. I could when I was a kid, but, notsomuch anymore. I bought one in college for a tri and haven’t touched it since–training for that was so scary! If I stopped, it literally took me 5 minutes to get started again. Hilarious!! And, the exact reason I am scared of my bike. So sad, but, so true! I’m so jealous of people I see out on their bikes, but, I’m too scared!

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