Back At It!


It’s been a long, lazy, workout-less 3 weeks since the marathon and I’m totally sick of using “I can’t run” as my excuse from working out. No, I still can’t run (come on ITB, this is gettin’ old! Are 3 weeks off and PT twice a week not good enough for you?!) but that doesn’t mean I can’t use the elliptical, weights, or going hiking more often.

Over the weekend, I went camping with some good friends and we went on two nice hikes. We also made a big ol’ campfire, s’mores, and stayed up late enjoying the clear sky. I swear there were a gazzilion stars out. The weather was pretty awful, wasn’t it? :)

Hiking/Camping at Grossdam Reservoir

On Sunday afternoon, LJ, Ely, and I went bouldering for a little bit. I’m not gonna lie, I feel hardcore anytime I try clinging onto rock, but let’s be real, I’m not good. But I did improve since the last time I went! Woot! Now my hands, arms, and shoulders are sore. Feels good to be sore again.

Then this morning I decided to stop with the whole sleeping-in-till-8am thing, and got myself out of bed at 6:15am to go workout at the rec center. I did the elliptical machine for 30 minutes, then worked my lower body with the machines till I was spent. I finished up with abs (gotta get serious about #7), showered, and was into work before I usually am!

Feels good to be back at it again!

Happy Monday! And Happy Birthday to my sister :) Love you Liv!

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