I Heart WA


Hey guys! I just got back from Washington and I had a BLAST. That state is incredibly gorgeous and I could see myself living there any day. 7 friends and I went to Bellingham to compete in Ski To Sea and we had fun racing all the way from Mt. Baker down to the Bellingham Bay. I’ll try to post the race recap tomorrow but I wanted to write about the great time we had aside from Sunday’s race.

I flew into Seattle on Friday evening and we got up to Bellingham pretty late, but on Saturday we had lots of time to mill around the quaint downtown area. We had lunch at this great microbrewery called Boundary Bay, wandered around a cute Farmer’s market, and picked up our team’s race packet. Erin’s parents’ were kind enough to let all 8 of us crash at their home and fed us such delicious food all weekend. After dinner, we put on our team shirts (team name: Flight of the Photons… yes, we’re all science geeks), stuck on our Ski To Sea temporary tats, and took some fun pictures :)

Team picture with our manager & head cheerleader :)

After pictures, we played the most hilarious/intense game of Spoons you could imagine. I’ve never laughed so hard. It was really fun.

On Sunday morning, some of our team mates had to get up super early to head up the mountain for their respective legs of the relay (XC ski, downhill ski, run, and road bike). The rest of us slept in a bit and made our ways to our designated transition locations. The race started at 8AM, I was in the canoe paddling with all my chicken arm strength by 12PM, and our team finished (after 90 miles and 7 different events) around 5:45PM. When we all convened at the finish line, waiting for our kayaker to bring in our team’s finish, everyone was all smiles and sore/exhausted/excited. :) It was such a neat experience!

On Monday, we went into Seattle for the day! (I’d never been to Seattle before!) We had piroshkies for lunch (mmmmm), fresh made donuts for dessert, saw the world’s 1st Starbucks, and wandered around Pike’s Place market. I even saw the famous Pike Place Fish Market – the place where they throw fish! How cool! You can see the fish market (and hear the guys’ yelling) at the end of the video:

We relaxed by the harbor, looking out into the Puget Sound before making our way back to the airport. Seattle is incredible… Do you see why I loved it so much? :)

As we flew out of Washington, despite the clouds and elevation, Mt. Rainier poked its 14,411 ft summit high into the sky, and I quickly snapped a picture. What a beautiful place to visit :)

Ski To Sea Race Recap to come!

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