Lookin’ Forward to October 17th


It’s been well over a week since the marathon, my muscles are back to normal, and I’m not sore in any way. But I tried going for a run yesterday, to test out the ol’ knee, and I couldn’t even make it down the block. I’m bummed that I won’t be able to do the running leg of Ski To Sea, but I’m excited to try the canoe leg. I can’t believe Ski To Sea is already only 5 days away! I take off for WA on Friday! Times flies!

I think I’ll retire my running shoes for the next few weeks (sad days) and give my knee time to fully heal before jumping into marathon training again. What’s that I said? Marathon training again??

Oh yes, my friends, I took the plunge, I paid the ridiculous $95 registration fee, and signed up for the Rock N’ Roll Denver Marathon on Oct. 17th, 2010!!! Weez also signed up (yay!!!) and we’ll be running this marathon together with and for Operation Jack. So pumped! If you’re considering running the Denver marathon, hurry and sign up soon! The prices jump up $20 after May 31st.

While registering, the site asked for a “predicted marathon time” and I proudly filled in “3:40”. I’m not sure if that miracle will happen again, but it’d be really cool if it did :)

PS. I leave you with a picture I took on Sunday. Daisy (my roomie’s black lab) just loves cuddlin’ that pillow.

Isn’t she the cutest?

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  1. Ally says:

    You are awesome!!!!! I’ll be mentally cheering you on on October 17th! And hopefully cheering you on for real in Boston!

    Also, the pup? Too cute!

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