Flight of the Photons!


Last year over Memorial Day weekend, 7 friends and I met up in Bellingham, Washington to playfully compete (err, I mean, we were team EXTREME) in one of the most awesome relay races on the west coast, called Ski To Sea. And this Memorial Day weekend (next weekend!) shall be no different! Team: Flight of the Photons is comin’ back and we’re ready to dominate again.

Ski to Sea is a 90 mile, 8 person/7-leg relay that starts at the top of Mount Baker and finishes in the Bellingham Bay. Each teammate competes in 1 event, before handing off the timing chip to the next teammate.

Last year, LJ dominated the 1st leg: XC skiing…

Then Thayne owned the down hill ski leg… he handed off to me, and I ran the 8 mile leg….

Rachel pounded the pavement on the 4th leg: road biking…

Erin and Chase hopped in the canoe for the 5th leg…

Dan pounded the dirt on the 6th leg: Mountain Biking

And Cara took us into the finish with the 7th Leg: Kayaking

I’m hopefully going to compete in the 8 mile running leg of the relay again, but with the way my ITB has been hurting since the marathon, it’s hard to say. If I can’t run, I’ll probably be thrown into the canoe (’cause ya know, I’m just so buff and strong). But I’m gonna keep resting up the ol’ knee… maybe a few more days off will help heal me!

The whole Ski To Sea experience is really cool and I’m totally looking forward to doing it again this year. I fly out to Seattle in a week from today! From there, the gang is meeting up in Bellingham. Ski To Sea is on Sunday, the 30th :) So pumped!


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