I honestly have no idea how Sam does it. 1-2 marathons a week?! It’s already Thursday and I’m only just starting to be not sore. And my knee? Ugh, it hurts like it did before the cortisone shot. But we won’t talk about that.

I can talk about what I’ve been doing to recoup, though! And I really, really, really need to recoup… and fast! Not just because, well, I’d like to run again, but because I’m doing something totally rad in just over a week – and I need a functioning knee to contribute and not let down my team! (I’ll write about it tomorrow, but here’s a hint: it involves a plane ticket, mountains, the ocean, and 8 friends :o) I’m super excited!)

I took Monday off from anything workout related, but I’ve been going for 25 minute walks every night this week. I keep trying to jog in the middle of each walk, but the pick-ax pain immediately flares up in my right knee. I went to PT on Monday (and I’m going again tomorrow), foam rolling, icing, and taking ibuprofen. And! Get this! I started doing sit-ups and push-ups again. (gasp!)

Maybe after next week’s epic relay, I’ll take a few solid weeks off from running and let the ol’ body rest. Till then, Body, I just need a few more days out of you!

PS. The Cleveland marathon race pictures are up!! If you want to check them out, click this link and search for me by Bib Number: 2248

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