Game Plan Woot!


I’m home! I’m home! As I sit here on my favorite couch, Addie (our dog) is lovingly snuggled up next to me. I love how dogs never forget their owners. Aww, I just love being home.

Okay! So! It’s REAL now. I’m in Ohio, I’m going to the race expo tomorrow (where I’ll be meeting The Man himself), the marathon is in 36 hours. EXCITEMENT!

I’ve got my outfit all planned out for the big day. Weather dot com says it’s going to be mid 60s and partly cloudy. PERFECTION. I’ve already got it all laid out. I’ll be wearing:

  • my racing shorts from college (light, zero potential chaff-age problems, super comfy)
  • green dry-fit singlet top (I want to stand out so my family can find me!) (I also have a light weight, dry-fit black long sleeve shirt to wear over, in case it’s too cold for just the singlet)
  • my trustworthy pink Nike sports bra
  • my Nathan fuel/hydration belt (which will be loaded with H2O, 2 Clif Shots, & my phone)
  • Ribbons for my hair

The ribbons are my favorite part! I made a hair tie that I’ll be putting around my pony tail with ribbons that have the names of all my friends and family who’ve donated money to my Operation Jack charity site! If you haven’t donated and want to (thank you for your support!!!) you can still donate here. Seriously, thank you guys so so much for all your generous donations! It means so much to me. And I know how much it means to Operation Jack and Train 4 Autism.

As for my race day nutrition game plan… Here it is!

  • Drink PowerAde at every aid stop. If I’ve learned anything from the Boulder marathon last fall, it’s to start hydrating early and often (not just once I start feeling thirsty, 9 miles in). I hated the sticky, dry residue Gatorade left in my mouth during the Boulder marathon, so I’m going to carry/wear my hydration belt (filled with only water), and take a swig to rinse my mouth after the PowerAde.
  • Eat every 6 miles. I’m carrying 2 Clif Shot Energy Gels (mmm mocha, my absolute fav) and there are 2 Hammer Energy Gel stations along the course. I’ve never tried that brand before, does anyone know the good flavors? Or the bad ones to avoid?
  • Power walk through the aid stations (“walk with a purpose”), so I can drink the Gatorade (not wear it)

My knee/ITB is aching a bit today and I’m going to go for a light jog tomorrow to stretch out the ol’ legs. Hopefully my ITB won’t hurt at all (fingers crossed). Tonight is the big night for sleep, so I’ll be heading to bed early and sleeping in a bit in the morning. Tomorrow night, we’re having several family friends over for a big “pasta party” to carbo load and relax in good company :)

I’m getting really nervous/excited! I can’t wait to run my 2nd marathon!

Welp, I’ll see you on the flip side!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Mebby says:

    I. Love. You. Can’t wait to stalk the race….which I realize is in about four hours. Also, I totally remember those shorts :)

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