My Trip to Boston!


Last weekend? Priceless. Hilarious. Fun. Awesome. I flew to Boston to visit two of my good friends, and the trip was the perfect holiday from the real and a much needed break from chemistry and grad school.

I took a redeye flight late Friday night/Saturday morning. PK picked me up from the airport (at 5am!), we napped a bit (after jabbering until we had to force ourselves to stop talking and get some zzz’s), then hit up this amaaaaaazing Indian restaurant for lunch. I ate way too much. Indian food is my absolute fav. I joke that PK is my bff only ’cause she’s Indian. Ha. I would go to PK’s house after school in HS and her mom would just make me the most delish food, and I’d stuff myself and chat with her for hours. I think that’s the reason Mrs. K loves me so much :)

After chowing down, we wandered down Newbury street and went shopping! I’ve never been down town there before, and it was really fun. The weather was beautiful (sunny and 70s!) and flowers were blooming EVERYWHERE. I must say, Boston does a really good job of making (and keeping) the city gorgeous. I love it.

Saturday evening, we enjoyed martinis and cocktails with several of PK’s friends, and we eventually met up with our good friend Nick and one of his friends. I’m so lucky that PK and Nick live in the same city. The 3 of us have been friends since freshman year of college. I can’t believe this is the ONLY picture we got together all weekend (sad days), and of course, Nick had to make a stupid boy face. Typical.

The following day, PK and I drove to beautiful Cape Cod (never been!). We went to Hyannis and played on the beach for a few hours. Despite the chilly breeze, we wandered barefoot on the sand, played in the water, and took lots of fun pictures.

We drove around Hyannis, looking for Kennedy’s house, visiting war memorials, and had dinner at an Irish pub.

I stayed in Boston through Monday evening, so fortunately we had all of Monday to relax and hang out :) We met up with Nick and Dave for lunch (note: if you’re ever in Boston, you must have lunch at The Buttery. It’s amazing. Mmmm). Then we wandered downtown. We passed the Boston Marathon finish line (gave me chills)…

I bought a bright green singlet for my Cleveland marathon (is it seriously next weekend? holy cow.)… We read Post Secret books in Borders (and left two of our own in two of the books)…

… and we managed to grab a cab right as the sky opened up and down poured on us.

Dinner was spent relaxing at PK’s apartment, laughing and reminiscing stories from college and the weekend. The perfect way to end an awesome weekend.

I miss you guys already. I really had a blast and I can’t wait to visit Boston next spring!

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  1. Ally says:

    Aw, yay! Sounds like a great time!

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