Girls Night, Denver style


On Friday night, my girl friends and I got all dressed up and went to downtown Denver for a night of sophistication: dinner, the Denver Art Museum, and drinks.

We had dinner at an awesome microbrewery. I had the vegan sloppy joe… mmmm.

After dinner, we made our way to the art museum. There were some really cool huge statues outside of the museum, including a gigantor broom and dust pan.

We wandered around the inside, making sure to play in the bungee cord room! It’s this room where multicolored bungee cords are stretched from the ceiling to the floor, and they’ll spaced really close to each other. Walking through the cords was really fun but disorienting!

One of my favorite “pieces” was this red room with grey foxes. All the foxes looked playful and happy, except one was red and looked mischievous. Can you spot the red fox? (hint, he’s in the back and is looking away)

I also really liked this huge construction painting on a wall that looked SO real and 3-dimensional. I’m a big dork and decided to strike a pose. (PS. thanks for the new dress, mom! I love it!)

Once we were sufficiently confused by all the modern, dark art (don’t even get me started on the creepy talking potato head), we decided it was late enough to hit up club “Beta”! I didn’t take many pictures inside, ’cause it was dark and hot (sweaty = not so cute), but I did manage to snag a good one with my current roomie and my roomie from last year :)

We got home pretty late (compared to my typical granny 10pm bedtime), but not late enough to stop me from waking up at 6am to go skiing the following day! A-Basin got 11″ of fresh powder, so LJ and I packed up her car and hit the road!

Skiing was epic. Can I tell you how hard it is to ski in powder that deep?! Yeah, I’m totally not used to it. And with all the studying for orals I had the last two months, I guess I’ve gotten out of “ski shape”. Phew! Totally exhausting, but totally fun!

On Sunday, I ran the Boulder Distance Carnival 15k trail race (as part of my 20 mile long run)! Look out for the race report tomorrow!

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