The Real Reason I’m Running Cleveland…


Most of you know I’m running the Cleveland marathon on May 16th and the Denver marathon in October. What some of you may not know is that I’m running these marathons for a charity that I really respect and admire, called Operation Jack. If you’ve talked to me in the past 6 months, you’ve heard of Operation Jack, but for those of you who might not know what that is, let me explain.

Sam Felsenfeld is a dedicated father/ultradistance runner whose 6 yr old son, Jack, has autism. Sam founded Operation Jack as a way to raise awareness and funds for Train 4 Autism, an organization that raises money for autism charities. His mission? Run 60 marathons in 2010, all over the nation, to inspire others to run for his son and Train 4 Autism.

Sam’s passion for his son, spreading awareness and raising money for Train 4 Autism, and his story in general really inspired me. And the more I heard, the more I wanted to support his cause. And to even meet and run a marathon with this guy? Totally cool. Totally inspiring. Two of his 60 marathons this year are the Cleveland and Denver marathons. (You can check out his schedule of marathons here) I couldn’t pass up to opportunity to fly home not only to visit my own family in Ohio, but to meet Sam in person while doing something I personally love as well: running!

Along the same idea as Relay For Life, Sam has been reaching out to runners all over the US to make “teams” to join him at each race. As part of the Cleveland and Denver marathon teams, I want to try and help fundraise money for each event. My goal? $100 per marathon.

If 10 friends can help me, and donate $10 each before May 16th, I’ll reach my 1st goal! If I can raise $100 before the Cleveland marathon, I’ll earn an Operation Jack tech shirt that I’d love to wear during the marathon to help show my support.

I made a website that makes it really easy to donate! Please, check it out here:

One of my 24 goals is to donate and run a marathon for Operation Jack. If I can raise $100 before my 24th birthday, I’ll be so excited and proud to check that off my list. Help me reach my goal!

If nothing else, spread the word! Run a marathon/half marathon with Operation Jack this year, or tell a runner friend about his cause! Autism is an developmental disorder that affects 1 in every 110 births and some 1.5 million Americans today. The more doctors learn about autism, the more help can be provided to those living with autism and their families.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to read about why I’m so passionate about running the Cleveland marathon in May.

Just under 4 weeks until Go Time!

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  1. jennyjk says:

    Very inspiring! I really do hope you reach your goal and I admire how you got inspired by Sam’s passion for his son :) I will on my part spread the word and I’m definitely congratulating you! I too, will run this coming Sunday in California, but as a goal for myself to know I have what it takes to press on :)

  2. Tara says:

    You’ve told me about Operation Jack before and I’ve seen other bloggers run for this cause too. It sounds like a great cause to run for.

    I’m going to donate before your race! I just have to get through sending all of this graduation money to my family and then I’ll be back to donate, but count me in!

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