A weekend with my big bro


Last weekend, my brother came to town to visit me. And what do we always/usually do when we’re together? 1. eat awesome food 2. go running and 3. go camping!

We went camping on Friday night and the weather was really mild. Despite the altitude, it wasn’t too cold (high 30s, low 40s). We went back to one of my favorite camp sites near Rollinsville, which literally less than 5 miles away from where my parents used to live when they first got married and moved out west.

My parents' first home, 1970s

It’s in the middle of no where and such a hidden gem. Their old house with the outhouse in back is still there and everything. Crazy, I know. Anyways, camping was awesome (as always) and there’s nothin’ better than the peace and quiet of being in the wilderness. Camping is probably my favorite activity, ever. Maybe second to running.

On Saturday morning, we enjoyed fire-cooked potatoes and veggie sausage for breakfast, packed up our gear, and drove back to Boulder for our long run. We’re both training for the Cleveland Marathon on May 16th (when did it get so close?!?) and this weekend we had a 15 miler on our plate. I took him to my favorite trails (which he’d never been to before) and we cruised along the mountain side.

The thing about running with my brother is that: 1. he’s a boy (so he’s naturally fast) and 2. he’s seriously fast. So we averaged a good minute/mile faster than I usually run (which was tough on the ol’ legs), but it still felt really good and I’m stoked that I could cruise at that solid pace for that long!

Afterwards, we stuffed ourselves with the most delicious BBQ you could imagine and we wandered around downtown, swinging through the candy store for good measure.

As usual, good times, good food, and good runnin’ with my broseph!

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