Check #22 off the list! I went to my first drive-in movie theater!

Holiday Twin is the closest drive-in movie theater to Boulder, which is only about an hour away (up in Ft. Collins). Tickets are only $6 for a double feature and the place is so cute. We pulled in around dusk and there were a good number of people already parked, enjoying picnic dinners out the back of their trucks. I personally think we got the best parking spot in the house. And luckily, no one parked directly in front of us!

Kids were tossing footballs and parents were sitting out in lawn chairs. It was like a neighborhood tailgating party. But for a movie. So adorable.

Weez and I packed a picnic dinner of our own, put the goods out on the hood of his car, and enjoyed watching the end of the sunset and kids/dogs playing around us.

When the movie started, we crawled back into his car, turned the radio to the station that was playing the audio for the movie, and sat back and enjoyed the show. The first movie was How To Train Your Dragon and it was SO good! I totally recommend it to anyone :)

The second movie was Shutter Island and it was kinda creepy. I still enjoyed it, especially because it was fun watching a movie on such a huge screen.

We hit up the snack bar for p-corn and skittles at one point and found out that there are only something like 400 drive-in theaters across all of the US. That means an average of 8 per state. A lot of the drive-ins are running out of business because they aren’t making enough money, due to the bigger movie theaters. So if there’s a drive-in near you, support the old school movie-watching experience! You won’t be disappointed :)

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  1. Rand says:

    I can’t believe that we moved around the country, lived in Asia for 6 years, travelled and vacationed in Australia, throughout much of Asia, Canada, Hawaii, and we never took you to a drive-in movie! What kind of parents were we? ;) Love, Dad

  2. Sarah says:

    OH man… How to Train Your Dragon is AMAZING! I loved it. I want to go see it again… right now. Hahaha…

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