20 miler!


It’s official. I have no idea how fast/slow I run. I was suppose to run 18 miles this weekend. I ran 20.

But ya know what? It felt awesome. Other than the standard aches that come with pounding dirt trails/dodging rocks for 2.5+ hours, I felt goooood. Cleveland is only 4 long runs away now, and I’m really starting to feel confident that I’ll be able to run 26.2 miles.

Weez ran with me (obvi) and we ran to our absolutely favorite part of Marshall Mesa: the “crack in the wall”. I have no idea what the actual trail is called, but all you need to know is that Colorado is gorgeous. And I’m crazy lucky to run/live here.

Not 25 minutes after stepping out of my apartment, we were on the trails. 45 minutes in, we were here:

Opposed to last weekend, we both successfully managed to avoid tripping! Win!

After running through the quasi-open field, the trail took us through a wooded forest bit, then dropped us onto a dirt road for about a mile.

About 1:15 into the run, we reached the crack in the wall. I think it’s so cool, I made Weez stop and take a picture of me.

After running through the crack in the wall, we emerged into this rocky valley (insert Jurassic Park theme music). To one side, the mountain climbs up, to the other, the trail drops off into the valley (with waterfalls and a river) below. Parts of the trail were still covered in snow. I was only slightly worried I’d slip off the trail and tumble to my death down below, but it was totally worth it.

There comes a point when you’ve been running for 18+ miles when you just start getting goofy. I think I even started singing Taylor Swift at one point (omg I love her). It might have been a lack of oxygen or just the runner’s high, but I was happier than a lark when I made this video.

We were only a mile away from home, right at that point when you’re thinking “ok, oww, yeah, now I’m starting to ache” when my friend Josh rode up to us on his mountain bike! It was a pleasant surprise seeing him and such a spirit boost.

So we did it! We dominated our 20 miler! I’ve got one more 20 miler planned before Cleveland, and I’m hoping it goes as well as this one did.

Of course afterwards, we had to reward ourselves with t-bell for lunch. Mmm cheesy, crunchy deliciousness. Nothin’ better after a nice, hard long run.

PS. LJ passed her oral exam on Friday!!! CONGRATS roomie! And good luck to my good friend Sarah as she takes her oral exam today!

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  1. Nice run! I’m guessing that you guys ran Dowdy Draw to Spring Brook to Fowler Trail. The last part of Fowler takes you into Eldorado Canyon (which is totally sweet, as you noted). I think that the “Crack in the wall” might be the back of the Bastille. Does the other side of the wall drop down to Eldorado Canyon Road? Is it covered with rock climbers? If so, it’s probably the famed Bastille.

    1. e410 says:

      You are correct sir! I do believe that’s exactly where we were. LJ showed me that trail last year, and I’ve been in love ever since. It’s gorgeous!

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the good luck wishes! And congrats on running 20 miles!!!! Wow….

  3. Ally says:

    Ummmm, it’s hard for me not to want to throw things at you. 20 miles in that beauty?? So jealous! I would have no problem getting out to run in CO. Sad panda in Dallas. I will def. let you know if I sign up for Leadville Heavy Half–it’s the first weekend in July I think. Also, I highly reccomend the Catalina Marathon on Catalina Island in California–it’s gorgeous and all on trail/dirt road. It’s awesome if you ever get the chance, sign up!

    And you can TOTALLY run 26.2!

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