366: the number of days Weez and I have been dating. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday with good food and a relaxing evening. Then I surprised him with a paid-for race registration for the Boulder Distance Carnival, a 15k trail race at the end of the month – it’ll be our first race together! :)

50: days until my friends and I travel to Bellingham, WA for Ski To Sea. We did it last year, and it was a BLAST.

37: days until the Cleveland Marathon.

35: days until I get to see my family in Ohio.

23: days between me and visiting my bff in Boston.

18: the number of miles I’m running for my long run this weekend.

7: the number of miles I ran this morning, with heavy legs weighed down by stress.

7: days until my oral exam.

8: days until it’s all over. Just 8 more days…

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  1. melon says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!! AHHHH So excited for yours/our April 15th. You can do it :) Goodies coming in the mail soon.

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