Time to step it UP


In preparation for the Cleveland Marathon, I’ve been doing all my necessary long runs on the weekend and getting a few shorter runs in during the week, but I realized something: I need to step it UP. My weekly mileage is kiiiiiiiind of weak sauce. I’ve been so worried that my IT band problem is going to flare up again, that I’ve been taking it lighter than I probably should at this point.

I have been knee/IT band pain-free for over a full month now, so I think it’s time I get my marathon game face on.

I took another look at Hal Higdon‘s Novice Marathon Training Guide 2 days ago and saw that at this point in my training (7 weeks out), I should be doing an 8ish mile mid-week “long” run. Yeah, I haven’t been doing that. That’s why yesterday’s track/speed work added up to 7 miles (to increase the mileage), and that’s why today I went for 8.4 miles.

I couldn’t run in shorts today (tis a bit brisk), but the weather is still very lovely! Blue skies, the sun is shinning… the run felt great. Tomorrow, I’ve got a 6ish miler planned, Saturday I’m going skiing (Gaper Day!), and Sunday is my 14-miler. Next weekend: the 18 miler!

Happy April Fools day, btw! I remember when I was a little girl, my dad and brother filled the sugar bowl with salt, causing my mom to stir salt into her morning coffee. Haha… what a clever trick :)

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