Feel Good 1200s


My 3 fav running buddies (Weez, my roomie LJ, and LJ’s dog Daisy) and I had a solid track workout this morning. LJ and Weez looked super strong too and I’m sure they’d agree when I say it was one of those workouts you just feel good about, and it makes your day seem brighter. I love that feeling.

We ran a 2 mile warm up to the local HS track, stretched for a wee bit, did 4 1200m repeats at 6:50 pace, and ran 2 miles back home. For a total of 7 miles.

Now I know I used to do a gazzilion 1200s during my XC and track seasons in college, but I’ve been out for almost 2 years now (I miss it more everyday) and I know I’ve lost a lot of my speed. The best part of the 4 1200s this morning was that they didn’t really hurt. I felt comfortable and in control. And to say that for the pace we were going, for me, that means I might actually be getting some of my speed back. It’s been a long, injured, slow, and sometimes painful process, but woohoo, I think I’m comin’ back!

Not that speed matters whatsoever when you’re training for a marathon… but still, I feel good about my workout this morning and I can’t wait to hit the track again next week :)

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