Shhh, don’t mention it’s spring


It’s 70 degrees, blue skied, and sunny outside my lab window right now. Why am I in lab? Oh yeah, I have orals in 2.5 weeks.

Regardless, I am just LOVING this weather! But I know as soon as I even think the words “it feels like spring”, it’s going to dump another foot of snow on us. Which has happened twice in the past week or so. One day, its 65, the next, we’ve got a foot of white cold stuff on the trails. That’s Boulder for ya.

But today and yesterday? This is THE perfect runners weather. It makes getting up at 7am despite a 1am bedtime totally enjoyable. I don’t mind prying myself out of my delicious, soft bed to go for a run if I can wear shorts!

I busted out shorts for the first time in ages for my 4.5 mile run yesterday. I wore my favorite blue nike shorts and a long sleeve and I was warm.  Then this morning, I ran 5 miles in shorts and a t-shirt. Mmmm.

I wonder what the weather will be like in Cleveland on May 16th? Hopefully as pleasant as this :)

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  1. Sam says:

    No, actually you don’t want it to be 70 degrees and sunny on May 16th. That would be a disaster! You want 52 degrees and overcast!

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