Good food, good run, good times in WY


This past weekend, Weez and I went up to Wyoming to kick it with my bro. And as usual, he showed us a good time. Will is an incredible cook (he had homemade bread and eggplant parmesan waiting for us when we walked in the door), distance runner (he’s training for a marathon right now too), crazy scientist (getting a PhD in geophysics… who does that?!), and totally rad older brother in general. I just can’t say enough good things about the guy. It cracks me up that we used to nag the hell out of each other as kids, because now, he’s one of my best friends. I love living this close to him.

Anyways, this weekend, Will introduced us to the series that most 14 year old girls scream and cry and giggle over: Twilight. Yes, my brother is in his mid-20s and he’s read all of the books and owns the movies. In his defense,  I guess the story got me somewhat emotionally invested, but for REALZ that werewolf guy is FINE (who doesn’t appreciate a nice, chiseled set of abs??). I may or may not have started drooling when he took his shirt off for the first time.

He’s hot. Like, damn.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Wyoming.

So we watched the first two movies, but wanted to feel less 14-year-old-girly about it, so we made a drinking game out of it and had a few beers. Good times.

Saturday morning, we got up, had a light breakfast, and took off for our long run. Let me tell you 2 things about WY:
1. Will’s town is at 7,200 ft elevation. Though I’m used to running at 5,400 ft in CO, those 1,800 extra feet up were a real kick in the pants.
2.  HOLY WIND BATMAN. Yeah, I’m so sheltered and spoiled in my little valley in Boulder, that I think I forgot what wind was until this weekend. But it’s not just “oh, hey, a light gust from time to time” windy, it’s like crazy 30-40 mph winds across the flat countryside at all times. My eyes were constantly watering and I just had to dig my head down and push into it. It was intense.

I brought my phone ’cause I thought it’d be cool to take pictures of the countryside as we ran, but battling the wind was hard enough, so I didn’t bother taking it out of my fuel belt after taking this picture.

Running under I-80

We ran over railroad tracks, under I-80, past an old hitching post for horses, and saw several tumble weeds bouncing and rolling along the road. I love Wyoming.

The first 12 miles were chipper and full of conversation. After dropping Will off at his place (he was going for 12, Weez and I were going for 16), Weez and I got real quiet, real quick. I was pretty smoked. But long runs aren’t just for training you to be physically prepared for the marathon. I wanted to slow down, but I kept telling myself “you feel great, you’re almost done!”, so I fought to get my mind back in the game. And that really helped. Sometimes, you gotta tell yourself to stop being a sally.

We finished our run and used to figure out that we ran 16.5 miles in 2:24. Just shy of an average 8:45 pace! Hey hey hey! I’m proud of that, I really am. I’m used to running at lower altitude, with faaaaaar less wind, at a more comfortable 9:30-10 pace. So despite the mentally tough last 4 miles, it was rewarding to find out that I knocked out over 16 miles at an 8:45 pace.

We recoop’ed, rehydrated, and pigged out on hummus, salsa, guacamole, and pita chips (all hand made, of course) before giving saying goodbye. Sigh. Another fun weekend gone by… Thanks for everything, broseph!

Back to reality. Oral Qualifying Exam in t-minus 17 days…

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    I’m pretty impressed … 14 miles at 7,200 feet with 30-40 mph winds the night after you played a drinking game. That’s pretty impressive … count me out!

  2. Maggie says:


    ….You are unclean now.

  3. melon says:

    “Melon! Its like 1:45 here which means its…oh my god..its like 2:45 in the morning there…you’re probabbly asleep…”


  4. I got a B.S. in geology from the same school your bro is going to. :) It is insanely windy there, for sure. Now that I’m far, far away from there, I can’t say that I miss the wind, or running in it. And yeah, the elevation is killer. I live at about 500′ now and I don’t know how the heck I ever used to run at +7000!


  5. Aunt Jill says:

    Erin….I love reading into your life, thoughts, disciplines, and passions. You have a precious relationship with your siblings–what a treasure. You have chosen to surround yourself with people who support, inspire, and care deeply about you. Who can ask for anything more!
    You have an amazing strength and your orals will just be another success!
    Carry on!!!

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