Midnight Run to Lab

Last night, after eating cookies and watching (the best show ever) Project Runway with our girl friends, LJ and I both had a few things back in lab that needed tending to. So instead of driving the 2 miles up to campus, we decided to run!

Don’t worry, we practiced safe night-time running behavior: 1. We ran on a lit sidewalk/bike path. 2. We used the buddy system. 3. We clipped small lights to ourselves.

We safely arrived at school, worked for about an hour or so, and ran back.

I felt so BA. Who runs to work? Who runs to work at 10 o’clock at night? We do. ‘Cause we’re hardworking grad students sweet like that. I totally wouldn’t have done that if I LJ wasn’t with me. I would have driven my car. But it really fun and it was nice to shake out the legs a little bit.

LJ has a Garmin so she wore it and tracked our journey on our way there, around lab, and back home. You can check it out here: Garmin Connect – Activity Details for Untitled.

Other than last night, I got a few nice runs in this week despite the crazy weather/snow we’ve been getting:
Tuesday: 5.5 miles
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 5.5 miles in the AM, 4 miles in the PM

I’m going up to Wyoming tonight to celebrate my brother’s birthday (woohoo!), and other than the typical shenanigans that happen every time I find myself in cowboy country, we’re planning on going for a 8-10 miler on Saturday. Sunday is my longer long run day… 16 miler! Eek! That means I’m not far away from the big 2-0 miler. Wow, the Cleveland marathon is only 7 weeks away! Time flies when you’re training for something!

Have a great weekend ya’ll! Yeehaw! I could totally fit in Wyoming…

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  1. When I go running at night, I generally dress all in black. This is primarily because it is fashionable, but it has another benefit: it makes it harder for the cars to hit you because they can’t see you!

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