New Shoes!


My trusty Nike Zoom Triax+ 13 Structures have been through a lot in the past year. I ran hundreds of miles in those bad boys, and it was definitely time to retire them. I was really excited to buy new shoes when Sam from Operation Jack told me that I could buy running gear online through Road Runner Sports and a portion of the purchase goes to the Operation Jack charity. New shoes at discounted prices AND helping a worthy cause? Sweet, I’m in.

I’m confident buying running shoes online (compared to going into a running store to try on several pairs, testing them out, etc.) because I’ve run in Nike Structures for most of my running career. Yup, ever since I was 13 years old, running XC and track in 8th grade.

You can't tell, but I'm totally wearing Nike Structures (and kicking butt!) in this picture

I remember my dad taking me to the local running store, trying on a bunch of pairs, running down the side walks, and finally committing to my first pair of real running shoes. One or two XC and track seasons later, I knew Nike Structures were perfect for me.

They work really, really well for me. I’ve never had horrific blister problems, bloody/black toenails, or foot pains. They provide just the right amount of cushioning and stability control. They’re designed to provide a little bit more structural stability to compensate for “normal pronation”, if you have an average arch. I know there’s been a lot of talk on barefoot running and why shoes with too much stability control can be bad for your running/induce injury, but I truely love my Structures and they’ve never done me wrong. I plan on sticking with these guys until Nike doesn’t make the Structure model anymore (which would be devastating, let’s hope that never happens).

You can check out more about the Nike Structures here.

I ordered a new pair two weeks ago and had them on my feet last week (quick shipping!). I was stoked to take them out for their first test run on Wednesday and they held up perfectly. And I had no concerns about taking them out for a 15 miler as their second run. No blisters, no discomfort, they felt just the same as my old pair, but softer.

Mmm, running in a new pair of shoes is like running on a cloud. No?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maggie says:

    Izza little Erin! Awww!

  2. Thanks Erin … I don’t know where that picture of you was taken, but I’m jealous (as always when I see your pictures)!

  3. LauraJ says:

    you look so intense and fast in that picture. Go Erin!

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