65 degrees one day, 12″ snow the next

It’s comical, really. It was at least 65 degrees on Thursday when I had lunch outside, wearing jeans and a tshirt. Then all the sudden on Friday morning it started to snow. And it snowed all day. I spent 15 minutes scraping ice and a foot of snow off my car on Saturday morning. What’s up with that?! I was really looking forward to running on the trails near my place for my 15 miler. Dang. Oh well. Typical Boulder.

Despite the snowy, chilly weather, I got out and did my 15 miler on Saturday. Weez is my long run buddy – and what a champ he is! He’s not even training for a marathon right now, but he happily joins me on all my long runs. Basically, he totally rocks.

Anyways, we ran east along the Boulder Creek Path, towards the “country” side of Boulder, enjoying the sunny (but brisk) weather.

We passed horses and barns, the Base Line Reservoir and a Jehovah’s Witnesses building, but the best part of getting out of Boulder proper are the views of the Flatirons.

I don’t have a Garmin (potential Christmas present? yes please.) so we basically assume we’re running a 10 minute (/mile) pace. We turned around after 1:15 hrs (7.5 miles) and made our way back into town. After we got back onto the bike path, I made this video on my sweet Blackberry.

Somewhere between 2 hours and home, so random dude on a bike rolled up next to us, saw my Nathan Fuel Belt around my waist and felt the need to ask Weez “why does the girl have to carry all the water weight?”… to that, Weez just held up his hand-held water bottle that he was carrying and the townie awkwardly laughed and road off. I thought that was a random and unnecessary comment, but entertaining nonetheless.

The last 2 miles were rough but we got through, and I made sure to stretch and foam-roll my IT band like it’s my job.

Saturday evening was spent relaxing… and we really did end up pigging out on pizza and root beer :)

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  1. melon says:

    1. You are most likely running faster than a 10min pace.
    2. I can’t believe you still have that hat! Yet at the same time, I’m not really surprised.

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