Happy IS Monday!!!

At my undergrad, every senior has to do what is called an “Independent Study”, aka, a senior thesis. Each senior does an entire year’s worth of research on a specific topic related to their major and writes a thesis (average ~100 pages) on their findings. My I.S. is 76 pages long and I’ve never been more proud of anything academic I’ve ever done. Despite the stress, late nights, addiction to coffee, and loss of our social lives, I think most Woo grads would say the same thing.

The day I turned in my I.S. (sleep deprived)

The Monday following spring break is day that all seniors must have their theses turned in to the registrar. That day is called “IS Monday”. For me, I.S. Monday was March 24, 2008 and it was one of the best days of my life.

My friends and I woke up at 7am and hit the bars for “kegs and eggs”. Oh, and we made baller matching I.S. shirts. Mine said “chemIStry” (get it… I.S. We’re so clever)

BFFs since XC camp week, freshman year

Leroys for Kegs and Eggs

We had a non-senior drive us to El Camp for margs and tacos for lunch… mmm…

My bff and the most epic margarita of all times

At 4pm, my best friends and I made our way up to the arch on campus. (a lot of these pictures were taken by 2 of my friends that day, special thanks to Sage and AG!)

Housemates, best friends, family

There, we met up with everyone (ie. the entire campus) to take pictures and celebrate the start of the I.S. Parade.

Me and My XC Girls
Linking arms was totally necessary
Hall mates and math buddies :) And she's the only reason I survived lin alg (boots with the FUR!)

The “IS Parade” marches all the seniors around campus. Friends, faculty, and random townies line the sidewalks to cheer and take pictures.

The start of the parade
The Start of the Parade
This really captures it all

The parade ended at Kitt, one of the student cafeteria’s where unlimited pizza, soda, and water awaited us. We gave more hugs to friends, faculty, and I.S. advisors.

I.S. Monday is a day full of emotion: relief, pride, joy, sadness (knowing that graduation is not far away), exhaustion, and love. I’ll never forget my I.S. Monday. I loved my I.S. Monday.

So congratulations to all the Woo 2010 Seniors! Happy I.S. Monday! May it be full of beer, happiness, and memories. I love you all!


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  1. Sam says:

    You’re telling me har har har and you made a chemIStry shirt? For reals?

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