10, 10, 10 Tempo


Wow. Did yesterday really happen? It all kind of feels like a blur to me. I had a horrendous migraine that started around 9am and didn’t become manageable until ~1pm, when I had to pull myself out of my bed to get to lab to tend to a time-sensitive reaction I had going on. The rest of the day was blurry because I was doped up on meds, and had meetings and class to go to. I may or may not have had an emotional breakdown when I finally got back home (thanks for listening, roomie). But my head no longer feels like it’s about to ooze out of my ears, the sun is rising, and it’s a brand new day :)

Anyways, before the whole migraine debacle, yesterday morning started out wonderfully! My running buddies (LJ, Weez, & Daisy the dog :) and I did a tempo run! Wednesdays are our usual track workout days, but some dude with his (incredibly adorable) dogs were already on the track, so we decided to run elsewhere. Which worked out great, ’cause the tempo kicked our butts (probably more so than 3-4 1200’s would have anyways)! The tempo consisted of 10 minutes at “normal” pace, 10 minutes at intermediate effort, and 10 minutes hard.

The 10 intermediate minutes were tough not only because we were running on a rocky trail, we were also running slightly uphill for most of it. The last 10 minutes, the fast minutes, we were able to reap the benefits of running uphill for the first 20, so we just flew. LJ’s garmin said we were cruising at a solid 6:30-6:45 pace! The downhill was nice and all, but it wasn’t that steep – so I really had to work hard to turn over my legs like that.

I was very conscious of my breathing, my stride, the swinging of my arms… and it reminded me of my college racing days. Oh how I miss racing 5ks and 6ks on muddy, grassy, cross country courses in spikes and singlets. I love the feeling of working really hard, challenging yourself, and feeling good about your effort afterwards. That’s the best kind of feeling. And not just in running, but in life :)

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  1. Tara says:

    Hey girl! Sorry you were feeling so crappy yesterday. I get migraines too, so I know that they suck.

    Nice job on that tempo run. Pretty speedy!

    It only snowed for like five minutes here yesterday; this weather is so freaking weird!

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