Is it really?


…The first week of March, already?! Time needs to slow the heck down. My orals (big grad school exam) are in EXACTLY 6 WEEKS from this very moment. At 9am on Thursday April 15th, I’ll walk into a room where 3 chemistry faculty members will be ready and waiting to drill me on anything chemistry related and I’ll have to prove my competence. Just writing about it makes me nauseous. Okay, I should change subjects.


Running! Yes! Something that makes me the opposite of nervous and stressed. What have I been up to, running-wise this week?

  • Sunday: automatic rest day after Saturday’s 11 miler (as to not overwork the ol’ IT band)
  • Monday: AM – 3 miles/23 minutes (when I’ve got a lot on my mind, I tend to run faster); PM indoor IM soccer game. And in case you were wondering, yes, we dominated. As if there were any doubts…
  • Tuesday: 5 miles/45 minutes
  • Wednesday: no run; woke up early to decorate our post doc’s desk (before he got in) for his bday :)
  • Thursday: 7.5 miles/64 minutes. This morning’s run ROCKED. I felt so good, my legs didn’t mind turning over a little bit faster than usual, and the weather was just awesome. I didn’t have to bundle up in tons of layers! All I needed were my capri tights, a short, and a long sleeve shirt. Pure joy.

I’m really excited for my 13 miler this weekend. My IT band has been so good to me… or maybe I’m finally being nicer to it? The foam roller is my best friend. I use it once in the AM, once in the PM, and randomly when I’m watching TV/surfing the net/chatting on the phone. It’s my fav. If you don’t have one and you’ve ever been tight/injured, it’s totally worth the $20 investment (breaking the bank, I know).

May your Thursday be stress-free and productive!

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  1. Oh how I hate the foam roller. But it does such wonderful things. I feel the same about it as I do about ice. So painful and helpful at the same time. My good friend is The Stick. Ahhhh, The Stick. I highly recommend one of those if you don’t have one.

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