Busy, busy weekend ahead of me


Things I need to do:

Volunteer for Women in Science Day 8am-2pm on Saturday (YAY, I’m actually really looking forward to that). Read ~10 science papers. Write 1st draft of research proposal for oral exam (gulp). Spend hours doing chemdraw for said research proposal. Study for orals (topics: rxn mechanisms and gen chem). Spend a >half day in lab. Run 12 miles (*pray that knee doesn’t hurt*). Pick brother up from airport (YAY!).

Things I want to do:

Sleep in. Go skiing. Go to the mountains with my camera. Buy/play with photoshop.

Maybe if I’m hardcore productive tonight and Saturday, I can go out and play for part of Sunday? That’s the goal. Ohhhh the life of a grad student.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kelsey P says:

    Erin! you are such an amazing, inspiring woman and I LOVE IT! Miss you chita my queen!

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