Running Buddies

My roomie (and her dog!), bf, and I went for a run this morning and it felt awesome. I think we ran a little under 5 miles, in 43 minutes. We make such a great running group; I love the company and the conversations we always have. I’m really lucky to have not just one, but two friends to run with out here. I realize this isn’t a common luxury. I occasionally like running by myself, but I’d much rather run with company. They help keep me motivated to run more often… Last year, we all trained together for our respective marathons (Boulder Backroads and Denver) and it helped SO much to have running buddies on the long runs. What would I do without you two?! Ahhh, I don’t want to think about it.

I gotta give a shout out to my bff from college ’cause she just signed up for her first marathon! She’s running the San Francisco Marathon on July 25th! How cool is that?! I’m hella jealous ’cause SF is gorgeous and if I had an unlimited fund for marathons and travel expenses, I’d totally be on that. Has any one else run the half or full SF marathon before?? How is the course? How’s the support along the course? Any pearls of wisdom for my good friend??

I’ve got my sister about 90% convinced to run the Cleveland marathon with me this May. She better run it with me! It’d be so much fun. I ran the Northern Central Trail Half Marathon with my sister (and bro!) back in November and that was a blast. She’s a bit faster than me and more experienced, but I’m gonna try my darnedest to keep up with her this time around. I think this will be her 4th or 5th marathon, too. Crazy talk. But if there are any of you in Ohio area that are considering about running the half or full, let me know! I’ve mentioned this before, but if any of you are running a half or full marathon this year, you should think about running it with Operation Jack. He’s a passionate father/husband/runner who’s running 60 marathons in 2010 to raise awareness and money for Train 4 Autism. Last weekend, he ran the Pasadena marathon in CA, this weekend he’s running the Gasparilla marathon in FL. You can check out more about what Operation Jack is doing here:

I’m taking tomorrow off (from running) to rest the IT band, but I’m goin’ 12 on Saturday :) Wahoo!

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  1. There are a few shots of 10^410 hiking the ridge at Breck in this album:

    1. e410 says:

      Woot! Thanks for the sweet pics, D!

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