11 miler and an Epic Day at Breck


If weekends are meant to be fun, exciting, active, and exhausting to the point of pain, then I had one hell of a weekend. My IT band is not happy with me, my quads/calves/hammies are crazy sore, and my right hip is very awkwardly bruised. Let me recap :)

Friday afternoon, my (extremely awesome) lab mates and I enjoyed a handful of stouts and porters during happy hour at a local microbrewery near my place. We kept the party going at my apartment afterwards, and I stayed up way past my usual bedtime (ok, which was only like, midnight… I’m such a party animal, I know). I had such a great time, though!

Saturday morning, Weez and I went for an 11 miler. It was painful. Why? 1. It had snowed ~4″ the day before so the trails were covered in a hearty layer of white, cold, slippery stuff. 2.Mr. I Love Hills (aka, Weez) decided he wanted to lead me up the trails that practically go only uphill the ENTIRE way out and 3. I had a few stouts the night before and not that much sleep. Thus, this girl was struggling. But hey, I got the darn thing done and when I came home, I took the longest, hottest shower imaginable and napped for 3 hours. Mmm.

And Sunday? Sunday was epic. I got up at 5am and went skiing with some of my friends at Breckenridge! I have a pass for Arapahoe Basin (and I’ve been to Vail and Keystone) but I’ve never been to Breck before! The thing is, you see, my friends are crazy amounts of good at skiing. Not just “oh, I can do a black diamond” good, I’m talkin’ sick fast, fearless, experienced, and will jump off anything they can. And I’m the genius that tries to keep up with them. Except, I don’t ski off cliffs. Here’s a trail map Breck:

Look to the top right. See all those black lines and dotted lines with two diamonds next to them? Yeah, I was crazy brave enough to go with my friends up there. Here’s a close up of those trails:

First, please note the elevation: 12,998 feet! How cool is that! I rode the highest chair lift in all of north America! Anyways, those double blacks weren’t messin’ around. Breck got a ton of snow lately, so the fresh powder made skiing down the steepsteepsteeeeeeep terrain much harder than I’m used to (I love me some blue/black groomers). Needless to say, I gave my quads/hammies/legs a killer workout, but luckily I had no major wipe outs. Well, except for when I was walking to the bathroom and slipped on the cement and conveniently landed directly on my right hip. Classy.

Traffic coming home was pretty slow (thanks for driving, LJ!) but we made it back just in the nic of time for our indoor soccer game! And we won! What a weekend, indeed!

I know I’ve said this before, but I love living in Colorado. And I’m so lucky to have such sweet friends to enjoy it with :)

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  1. LauraJ says:

    I’m still tired from that weekend!

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