10 Random Bits of Knowledge


A list of random bits of knowledge I’ve learned in the past 24 hours:

  1. Chemistry is not black and white (don’t even get my started on hybridization and aromaticity)
  2. Coffee from Hawaii that my roommate brought me is what I look forward to most post morning run
  3. Daisy (LJ’s dog) is the cutest dog in the world. Fact.
  4. Weather in Boulder can change 30 degrees in the course of 2 hours (I went running at 7am in thick tights, an Under Armor long sleeve, a cotton long sleeve, a hat and gloves, but by 9am I could have just gone running in shorts and a long sleeve)
  5. I have awful grammar (especially in my lab notebook)
  6. It’s easier to run 1200m repeats on the track if you run more consistently during the week
  7. Things are less daunting and scary if you fully commit to them. And you’ll find you’ll enjoy doing them more, too (ie. studying for orals, accomplishing work in lab, training for a marathon)
  8. I’m not in college anymore. And I’ll fall asleep on the couch after 2 beers.
  9. Dominos new pizza/crust/sauce is legit.
  10. Grapes are only good when they’re crunchy and tart

My roomie, Weez, and I did 1200m repeats on the track this morning, and they went really well! Last week, we did our repeats at 5:20 (7:10 mile pace). This week, when I asked my running buds what pace we should go for, LJ said she had a dream that we ran them 3 seconds faster, so that’s just what we decided to do :) 5:17’s! My knee didn’t hurt, my breathing felt more in control, my legs felt lighter… I attribute all that to running more regularly for the past week or so. Yay for running!

Happy Ash Wednesday! I still don’t know what to give up for Lent quite yet… any suggestions?

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  1. Of course chemistry isn’t black and white! It would have been, but I had to be a crazy dude and invent things like resonance structures and hybridization back in the 20’s. I did this because we didn’t have television and I wanted to be entertained somehow. Look at all of you crazy kids trying to explain where electrons are located using resonance theory! I mean, I invented hybrization around 1929. At that point, we had only had electrons for about 30 years, and they only had change for about 15 years. The frickin Shrodinger Equation had only been invented about a week before I came up with this junk. And you kids wonder why it doesn’t work any more?
    Most everything that came out of the twenties hasn’t stood the test of time. Does anybody besides Hillary Smith think Ulysses is any good? Is The Great Gatsby really the “Great American Novel”? Give me a break. If only I hadn’t thought up all of these cracked-out theories back in the day, you kids could just envision electrons in the molecular orbitals that they really occupy.

  2. LauraJ says:

    Dear Linus, thank you for sparking some very interesting discussion between us fellow second year chemistry graduate students here at CU. You’re ideas have been a constant source of confusion/animated discussion amongst my friends recently.

    Dear Erin, Amen to #6 and #8.

    1. e410 says:

      Hahahaha, I love you two.

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