I love Love.


Running update: I got in a nice 30 minute run this morning. I felt so much less crappy than I did yesterday. Maybe I’m getting my running legs back? Gaaahh I hope so. I’ve got a 10-miler planned for this weekend. I’m excited to bust out the ol’ fuel belt and stock it up with some chocolate Gu and H2O. I honestly love the long runs. They’re my favorite part of marathon training. It’s the time where you can run out of town, into the canyons (Marshall Mesa is my favorite place to run), get away from the hustle and bustle, and challenge yourself with high mileage. I really do enjoy those long runs.

I’m not exactly a girly girl by any means – I love hiking, camping, sleeping on dirt, running through mud puddles and in the rain. I took XC and track pretty seriously during my competitive days, and what runner doesn’t bleed, puke, sweat, cry all over themselves and teammates? Come on, it happens. And I love a sweaty post-race hug post.

That being said, I’m also known for my crazy-psycho-intense love for puppies. My voice jumps up approximately 4 octaves whenever a dog is within eyeshot. Omg, and don’t even get me started on little cuddly, cute, precious, huggable babies. I love babies. And lastly, I really frickin’ love Love. I love dorky/embarrassing things boys do when they’re nervous around cute girls, I love hearing about how people fall in love, I love the way a family that loves each other looks out for one another, I love the way my grandma would take care of my grandpa, I love being in love. Especially with Weez.

But seeing as Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, I thought I’d put together a short list of other not-so-cheesy things that I love.

  • Mashed potatoes, artichokes, and cheese (maybe not all together at the same time)
  • When chemistry works
  • Writing letters and mailing them to people
  • Any beer from Left Hand Brewery or Southern Sun (mmm, Milk Stout)
  • Any Shia LaBeouf movie (I just watched Transformers again last night)
  • Slightly browned marshmallows
  • Organized notebooks
  • Colored sharpies
  • Taco bell after a long run (or a fun night)

I could really go for some t-bell right now, actually. Mmm, crunch wrap supreme. Anyways, I’m going to try and be lovey-dovey-girly for my amazing boyfriend this weekend, and perhaps we’ll do something cute on the 14th.

But really, I think the most important thing to do on V-day is just to tell the folks that mean the most to you “Hey, you. I love you. You’re kind of amazing and you mean a lot to me. So thanks for being awesome.”

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. Tara McLain says:

    Happy Valentines Day girl! I hope you and your boyfriend have an amazing day.

    I’m not very girlie girl either. In fact, when my husband asked me the other day if I had gotten him anything for V Day; I said no (I had forgotten), so I told him we didn’t need to celebrate. Whew! The pressure of finding a gift is off!

    I love puppies and babies too. Although puppies/dogs are my favorites. If you were to dangle a puppy and a baby in front of me, I would go for the puppy every time!

    I hope your long run went well! Mmmmm…chocolate gu. Yum.

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