1200m repeats


Yesterday was Wednesday, which meant: track workout! Every Wednesday, my roomie LJ, Weez and I have been doing 4 800s (800m = 1/2 mile at a hard effort) on the HS track near my apartment. We’ve been gradually stepping up the pace (3:45, 3:40, 3:35) but this week we increased the distance to 1200m repeats.

We ran the “long way” to the track, a nice 15ish minute warm up, followed by a little bit of stretching. I was feeling sluggish from the get-go, seeing as I hadn’t run since my 9-miler/show down with the cow on Friday.

I have to pause a second and just say – throughout the years of HS and college XC, indoor track, outdoor track, and summer running seasons, I’ve never really had a significant (aka, more than 2-3 weeks) break from running. I love running. There hadn’t been any reason NOT to run all year round. But with the IT band/knee problem I was having post-Boulder Marathon back in September, I forced myself (which wasn’t really all that hard… I kinda liked the rest) to back off of running and I stopped all together for 2 solid months. That’s a lot of time to get out of shape. So basically, I’m still working out the kinks trying to get back into consistently running again.

Anyhoo, we did 3 1200m repeats (3/4 mile) around 5:20, which is ~ 7:10 mile pace. And I’m not gonna lie, it kinda kicked my butt. I was spent after those 3 repeats. It felt good to turn over the legs and have to push past that uncomfortable level of “why am I doing this? Why don’t I just slow down a little bit…” I’m proud of us! I love that LJ and Weez are totally game with doing crazy track workouts with me at 7am on Wednesday mornings. Thanks guys. I seriously wouldn’t be half as motivated if it weren’t for you two :)

This morning, was a solid 42 minute run – to Marshall Mesa trail head and back. I used Map My Run to calculate that it was just about 5 miles. For all you runner folk out there, if you haven’t heard of Map My Run (dot) com, you totally should check it out! It’s so great. It’s like using google maps to calculate the distance of any run you’ve gone on. If you sign up for an account (it’s free) you can save previous routes/runs that you’ve done, and even browse through common routes that other runners in your area have mapped out.

I’ve got a light 30 minute run planned for tomorrow then a 10-miler on Saturday. So far, I’ve been knee pain-free for the past few weeks (YAY!), so I’m really looking forward to getting in a solid long run this weekend.

PS. I’m going to this amazing Thai place (Khow Thai Cafe) for lunch today and I am so excited. I freakin’ love Thai food…

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  1. rundadrun says:

    Great post. Good luck on the 10 miler and staying pain free. You have a great blog.
    Happy running,

  2. LauraJ says:

    Mmmmm Thai…

    You ran FAST today!

  3. You should try turning left onto the South Boulder Trail off Marshall Road about half of the way to Marshal Mesa TH. There are some really good tall brown grass plants that you might enjoy photographing.

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