Family Vacay… Vail edition!

Two years ago, my sister was stationed in Iraq serving for the army. When she came back mid-tour for 2 weeks of R&R, the fam met up in Corpus Christi, TX. This year, my bro-in-law is in Iraq. This past weekend, my family met up in Vail, CO because Greg is home for his 2 weeks of R&R. These family vacations are so special because 1. we all appreciate what Liv and Greg do for the army and our country every day and 2. it’s so amazing to see them happy, relaxed, safe at home with us.

I had an exam on Saturday morning but hoped in the car right afterwards to make my way to Vail. I got there around lunch time, while everyone was enjoying lunch slope-side. After a quick bite, we skied the rest of the day together :) I didn’t have my camera on me until we went out to dinner that night. We ate at this delish Austrian restaurant. I had the Jager Schnitzel and it was heavenly.

After dinner, we walked around the Vail Village and looked at all the pretty lights on the trees. The next morning, Weez drove into town and the kids hit up the slopes together.

Despite the fact that Weez has only gone skiing twice before, he dominated the slopes and stuck with us. We even took him down some questionable blues, but he hung in there like a champ. Liv was easy to spot, in her bright blue jacket. Greg was easy to spot, because he’s a giant :) And Will was easy to spot, because he was the one with the crazy hat and orange backpack.

And I was often found making ridiculous poses practicing for America’s Next Top Model.

Vail is gorgeous, the mountain is huge, and though it was kinda crowded, I had such a blast.

Weez, Liv, and Will. Just like follow-the-leader.

The kids met up with our ‘rents for lunch at this place called the Sweet Basil. Holy cow. It was amazing. If you’re ever in Vail, go to the Sweet Basil and order the chicken salad and the squash ravioli. It’ll change your life.

After lunch a few of us hit the slopes for another hour or so but we made sure to get back to the hotel in time for the Super Bowl. Though we were all cheering for the Colts (mmm, Peyton is so dreamy), it was a good game. And no family reunion is complete without a few games of Catch Phrase! Best. Game. Ever. One or more (cough, mom/Will/Weez, cough cough) members usually can’t handle the heat and freeze under pressure, resulting in hilariousness and ridiculous clue-giving. I laughed so hard I cried. We all did.

Like every vacation, this one flew by and next thing I knew, I was giving hugs and kisses goodbye. I seriously love my family/Greg’s family and I’m so lucky that we’re all this tight. LUHV.

It was great to see you, Greg! Be safe over there these next 6 months… can’t wait to see you in August!

PS. I’m in the process of making an epic Family Ski Montage video, which I shall post later this week. Stay tuned. It’s gonna be awesome.

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