Show Down with a Cow


Weez and I went for a 9 miler this morning. I was pretty proud of myself for getting out the door at that hour (and it’s totally still dark out at that time). Anyhoo, Weez and I were having a grand ol’ time. Just running’ along, enjoying the beautiful sunrise casting an amazing red light on the flatirons. We ran along the Boulder bike path for a few miles then hit up the dirt trails through the south Boulder park. I love those trails, b-t-dubs. 1. It’s dirt, not cement so it’s nice and soft on your feet/legs. 2. You rarely run into anyone, so it feels like you have the whole trail to yourself. 3. You get an amazing view of the flatirons.

So around mile 6, we’re cruising along past this pasture where all these cows are grazing, which, thank goodness, they were all fenced in. But as went went farther down the trail, the fence stopped and the cows were just roaming all over the place. I’m not talking one or two cows, I’m talking a herd of cows. I was getting kind of nervous because, okay, those things are huge and can’t they charge people?! I was so busy staring off to the side of the trail, making sure none of them were getting any closer when BAM all the sudden I look up and here’s Mr. Fathead Cow standing in the middle of the trail.

Where we were on the trail, we couldn’t run around it/off the trail, because there was a decent sized stream on the left and the rest of the herd of cows on the right. We had to keep going that direction, because we were doing a loop and we were already 6 miles in. So I walked a little bit closer, and the thing just stood there, staring at me. I took another step, and it stepped forward. I freaked out like a small school child and retreated. Weez and I stood there debating whether we should just turn around and run the long way back or face our fears, suck it up, and just walk by the dang thing.

So we maned up. Weez went first, of course. As he got close, Mr. Fathead finally got bored of us broke his stare and took a step off the trail. I didn’t hesitate, I took that as my chance to go and I blew by, sprinting past Weez, heading down the trail to safety. Dude. I don’t care what anyone says, those things freak me out and are HUGE.

To my relief, the cow didn’t come chasing after me (but Weez had to) and we were able to finish our long run without any qualms :)

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  1. Maggie says:

    *is on the floor, laughing to the point of tears*

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