Despite a late night in lab, I got myself out of bed relatively early this morning to go for a swim. I swam a hard 800m and it felt really great. I’m getting faster too (score). This time, it only took me 17 minutes and my last 50m were in 53. Mmm swimming.

Every morning, I really look forward to reading a few specific blogs that I’ve book marked on my computer. They are what start my morning, other than the run or swim I suppose. There’s this one particular blog, Hula Seventy. This blog isn’t about running or photography or playing outside – any of the things I tend to write about… instead, this blog is artistic and unique and abstract. It tends to inspire me to go mess around with my camera, draw something, or appreciate the lyrics of a new song I’ve heard.

Two days ago, Hula Seventy posted this song on her blog. I absolutely love it. The lyrics, the style of the video, everything. I’ve been listening to it every day, and I wanted to share it with you.

You’re my sunlight, my muse, do you even know?

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