4 runs in 11 days? Oops.


I’m having a lot of fun skiing, snow shoeing, and swimming, but I’ll confess, I’ve been slacking on running lately.

This was my workout recap from last week:

Sunday: Skiing at A-Basin… hey, I did some moguls… that’s gotta be good for the quads…

Monday: Sleep – 1, Erin – 0

Tuesday: 6 mile run

Wednesday: 15 min warm up, 4 800s on the track, 15 min cool down (~5 mile run)

Thursday: 1600m swim

Friday: Sleep – 2, Erin – 0

Saturday: Snow shoeing… not exactly the long run I was planning on

This is my workout recap from this week so far:

Sunday: Sleep – 3, Erin – 0

Monday: 4.25 mile run

Tuesday: Sleep 4, Erin – 0

Wednesday: 15 min warm up, 4 800s on the track, 10 min cool down (~5 mile run)

Total number of runs in the past 11 days? 4. Oops.

My Cleveland Marathon training plan has me running 4 times a week, and I haven’t even been doing that. My bad. I have a 9 mile long run scheduled this weekend. I know I can handle that, but I should be more disciplined about getting out of bed and running in the morning. On the plus side, my knee/IT band hasn’t been bothering me so that’s really good!

I still haven’t registered for the Cleveland marathon, nor have I bought my plane ticket back home for it yet… Honestly, I think part of me is still hesitant and nervous that my knee pain is going to flare up again and kill my dream of running another 26.2. If my long runs can get up to at least 15 or 16 without significant pain, I’m still going to go for it. But if it flares up before then, well, I might have to reconsider the experience… But shh, we won’t talk about that.

I’ll leave you with these Pyrenees puppies, from the Daily Puppy. I might die. Look at those EYES. I’m crying, I’m crying right now. I want one so bad. Sweet mother…

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