Wagon Wheel, Update

Ever since Weez first taught me all the chords to the song Wagon Wheel, I’ve been practicing almost every night.

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel

Rock me mama anyway you feel

Hey, mama rock me

I’m totally in love with the song and the way the guitar sounds and feels when I’m strumming the strings. I feel more and more comfortable switching from G to D, or Eminor to C and C back to G.

Rock me mama like the wind and the rain

Rock me mama like a south-bound train

Hey mama rock me

Though I’m not nearly as fast as the actual song, I’m getting better! I’ve memorized all the lyrics and now the challenge is learning when to strum properly, on beat with the song.

String instruments have always been so intimidating to me, so I’m proud I’ve been able to work towards Goal #11 :)

Another one of my goals is to pass my Oral Comprehensive Exam (#15). I finally emailed my committee members yesterday and they all got back to me so quickly (gulp). And faster than I could say HolyI’mSoNervousBatman, the exam was scheduled. The date: April 15th at 9am. GAH! It feels so real now. Did it just get hot in here?! I’m sweating like a mug…

But seriously, I can do this. Bring it.

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