Kickin’ it in the Cowboy State


I went up to Laramie, WY this weekend to kick it with my older bro. He and I are really tight and I love hanging out with him… especially in his state. Wyoming is way cool for any of you that haven’t been there. You should find a way to go. Besides having the amazing Yellowstone National Park and The Grand Tetons, WY is just great for anything outdoorsy. And the best part? No crowds! I love living in CO and all, but anytime you go hiking/skiing/camping, you’re bound to be camping next to another group of folks or waiting in line at the chair lift for 5-10 minutes (which, ok, ok, that’s not so bad, but still).

Anyhoo, after work on Friday I hit the road and made the 2.5 hr journey to another world. It really feels like that, which is another one of the reasons I love heading up there. We made delish homemade pizzas and drank mixed drinks out of mason jars on Friday night. On Saturday, we had Wheatabix (a cereal we often enjoyed in Singapore), sausage, and potatoes for breakfast before taking off for the mountains.

We went snow shoeing just outside of Centennial, WY. Centennial has a population of 100, it’s so cute. The weather was beautiful and once we started trompin’ around, it wasn’t cold at all!

Snow shoeing can be really exhausting. In the parts where the snow was fresh and wasn’t packed down, we really worked up a sweat climbing hills, and I tried really hard not to bite it while sliding walking downhill.

The sun was out, the sky was blue, we had a grand ol’ time!

While we were out hiking, enjoying the beautiful weather and solitude, my brother suggested a magnificent idea. Why don’t we go camping tonight? Um, yes please. There’s nothing better than sleeping under the stars and the smell of campfire. So we hurried home and hit up the grocery store. While there, we ran into one of Will’s friends and when we mentioned that we were going camping she goes “Camping? I didn’t think people went camping in the winter…” To that, I honestly answered “They usually don’t. Just my brother.” He’s awesome like that.

This picture doesn’t do justice to the cold winter sky up in WY, but honestly, the moon was amazing. It was full and stars exploded all over the sky like little lightening bugs. And the silhouette of the aspen and pine trees was breathtaking.

We made dinner over the campfire, told stories, relaxed, and watched the flicker of the flames and the glow of the embers until the wood supply ran low.

This is what our campsite looked like. Yes, we camped in the snow. But no, once I had the right clothing on, I wasn’t cold! It’s amazing what a pair of fleece pants and waterproof boots can do for ya.

Breakfast was potatoes and sausage. I tell you what, food just tastes better when it’s cooked over a fire and you’re camping in the woods. Mmmm.

Needless to say, I had a great time up in WY. Thanks broseph! You always know how to show me a good time in the Cowboy State :)

The weekend wrapped up with a quick road trip back to CO, a few productive hours in lab, a wedding showcase with a newly engaged friend (yay Cara!), and another sweet victory for my IM indoor soccer team (5-0). Go team Uncomfortably Energetics!


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  1. Tara says:

    I love your pictures, they are beautiful. I’ve never been to Wyoming, but my husband and I have always said that we need to go.

    I’ve never tried snow shoeing either! I’ve heard that it’s a lot harder then it looks!

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