It’s 90% mental

Yesterday morning I had my alarm set for 6am to go swimming. Still in a zombie state, I got myself out of bed and on the bus towards school. The entire ride up, I was debating with myself: short swim with sprints? or long distance swim? I feel lazy… I don’t want to be in the pool for a long time… maybe I’ll just do 800m… But by the time I got to school I said to myself, Erin, you’re already awake. You’re already at the pool. You might as well make the best of it and stop whining! So I sucked it up and made the mental decision that I was going to push myself.

I swam 1600m total, which is a lot for me. 800m nonstop swim (17 minutes), 8x100m sprints (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke). Swimming 800m nonstop is still tough, but every time I do it, I feel stronger and more comfortable. My arms felt tired (but a good tired) and I was full of positive energy all day.

Moral of the story? Working out is 90% mental. Once you commit to doing it and give yourself a positive mental attitude, you can do anything. And you’ll be glad you did :)

I’m heading up to Wyoming tonight to kick it with my bro for the weekend. He goes to the University of WY for graduate school (pursuing a PhD in geophysics. How baller is that?!) We’re really tight and I love that I live this close to him. We joke that I follow him around the country. He moved to Ohio for college, then a year later I moved to Ohio for college. He moved out west for grad school, then a year later I moved out west for grad school.

Every time I go up there, we have a blast. WY is gorgeous and we’re planning on snowshoeing on Saturday. Can’t wait! I hope you have a great weekend, too! See you on Monday :)

At a UWY football game, Fall 2007
Go Cowboys! Fall 2008
Poker Run (aka beer drinking and snowshoeing), Spring 2009
Poker Run (aka beer drinking and snowshoeing through the wilderness), Spring 2009
Hiking in WY, Summer 2009

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