Keeping my fingers crossed


I went for a 6 mile run this morning with my roomie, LJ. I love running with her. It’s always nonstop chatting, laughing, and story telling. She makes the runs go by so quickly! And we always run with her dog, Daisy. Daisy is a sweetheart and such a good running buddy! She rarely runs farther than 3 feet from LJ and is a good listener when she’s called. I can’t wait to get a dog of my own to run with, but I know it’ll be hard to train him/her to be as well mannered as Daisy :)

Besides it feeling really great to loosen up the legs this morning, today was Run #2 of my knee not bothering me at all! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the break from heavy running I’ve been taking over the past two months and the stretching/icing/use of the foam roller has been helping! Sometimes, ya just gotta listen to your body and cross train for a while. Sometimes, ya gotta listen to the physical therapist and use the dang foam roller every night for a month.

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