Mini Block Workout at the Gym


When I went to bed at 9:30pm last night (I’m an old woman, I know), the second my head hit the pillow I was OUT. Next thing I know my alarm is going off, the time says 5:45am, and I reaaaaaaaaaally didn’t want to get up. My bed was so warm and soft and comfy and delicious, I just didn’t want to get up. So I called Weez to bail on our morning workout (we planned on meeting at the gym at 6:15am), but he promptly told me to suck it up, get out of bed, and meet him at the gym in 30. I gotta say, he is such the Ying to my Yang. He’s always there for the extra *umph* of support and motivation when I’m feeling lazy. So I rolled out of bed, grabbed my bag, and caught the 6 o’clock bus.

Yesterdays mini track workout felt so good, that I decided I wanted to challenge myself at the gym this morning. Weez and I did a “block” workout. That basically means doing one activity for a certain amount of time, then switching to another type of physical activity. This morning’s block: Swim then Bike.

Block 1: 30 min Swim/1200m. I’m pretty dang slow in the water, but I really focus on working on my arms and kicking my legs at the same time. I used to have problems inhaling water, but I’m kind of over that now. Yay! I took mini breaks in between every 200m or so because I was feeling a wee bit sluggish in the pool.

Block 2: 30 min Bike workout. Inspired by the crazy spin class I took last week, I tried to mix spinning fast, with hard/slow climbing, and regular cardio riding. By the end, my legs were burning and I was sweatin’ and it felt good.

When I got off the bike my legs felt like jelly, it was awesome. I’m kind of excited to keep doing this :) And the best news? My knee/IT band didn’t hurt at all! Success!

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