My cousin’s Wedding in Vermont

This past weekend, my cousin got married just outside of Burlington, Vermont. The wedding and reception was set in a gorgeous 100 year old round top barn on the mountain sides of rural Vermont. During the wedding, they exchanged personal vows, mixed two sets of dirt into one vase – symbolizing the mixing of two different lives into one, and a fiddler played instead of an organ!

My cuz Ali got two great group shots of the cousins (minus a few who couldn’t make it) and the aunts/uncle/grandma right after the wedding. My cousin was the groom and I’m the third one from the left :)

I was a little nervous to bust out my Canon XSi at first, because it’s a bit slower than a smaller point and shoot and I didn’t want to be all up in people’s faces. But I eventually brought it out…

Their song was “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds.

The table settings were beautiful.

The food was delectable, the dance music was bumpin’, and instead of a traditional “guest book” they requested that we sign little pieces of cloth – to be sown into a quilt.

I have a special bond with my cuz (the groom) because we went to the same college. A few of his Wooster friends were there so we had a mini Wooster reunion! I should send this picture to the Wooster Magazine, because there were 4 different graduation classes represented (’01, ’02, ’07, and ’08). Go Scots!

The day after the wedding, my fam strolled around downtown Burlington and grabbed lunch before heading to the airport. What a cute town!

On the way home from Burlington, my bro and I had a connection in Detroit. Long story short, we missed the connection and got stuck overnight. In my 23 years of traveling, I’ve never been stranded over night ever! I guess it was time to pay my dues. It wasn’t bad at all – my bro and I got put up in a sweet hotel, had a few drinks at the bar, and had fun with it. Ya know, the Detroit airport is kinda pretty, too! I liked the walkway that connected our terminal to the main terminal.

Coming back to life in CO has been a little slow this week… finally gettin’ back into the swing of things.

And as for working out, I took all weekend off but I went for quick track workout this morning: 15 min warmup, 4x800s (3:40 pace), 10 cool down. Tomorrow I’m planning on doing a block workout: 30 min swim, 30 min bike sesh. I’m stoked!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Thomas Tan says:

    Beautiful wedding and family. I did VT50 in 2008. Burlington is a nice town.

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