Post Secret


Have you heard of Post Secret?

Every Sunday, Frank (the originator of the art project) posts new handmade postcard secrets that people from all over the US anonymously send to him. Some of them are funny, some of them are sad. Some are upsetting while others are empowering. I look forward to reading them every week because every once in a while, a posted secret will hit home. A random stranger, from a different walk of life, will send in a secret that screams THIS IS MY SECRET TOO. I love that. I love that I’m not alone.

I like to save some of the ones that really move me. A long time ago, someone sent in this postsecret.

I’ve been having a hard few weeks here in grad school. And I know it’s only going to get harder this semester. This is the semester where I take my oral qualifying exam. I know grad school has it’s ups and downs for everyone. I know it’s not suppose to be easy. I know it’ll get better. Deep down, I know I’m competent and intelligent, and my worth ethic has gotten me to where I am today.

I spend a lot of my time in lab working on reactions that often don’t work out. I make one thing and hope to move on to making another, but something goes wrong. Rarely do things work out as 1. properly and 2. easily as you’d hope. But yesterday, a small but potentially important reaction worked! SUCCESS. It’s the little things that keep you going.

So even though sometimes I feel stupid and incompetent, yesterday was not one of those days :)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maggie says:

    Pssht. Erin, look at what you’ve learnt about your chemistry and will master soon! Think of the report on Research relying on Stupidity.

    We’re here to help you too.

  2. Tara says:

    I’ve never heard of Post Secret, but I will go check it out.

    Good luck w/ exams. Don’t stress out too much, you sound very well prepared for them!

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