Give it a Tri


After an exhausting day of skiing on Sunday (followed by being crazy sore), I took Monday off from working out to rest. But every day this week has been packed full of fun/hard workouts :)

Tuesday: 30 minute Swim = 50m warm up, 5 minutes kick boarding as hard as I could, and 800m freestyle (I didn’t stop once!), 50m cool down.

Wednesday: 60 minute Spin Class. Holy omg-this-makes-running-a-marathon-seem-easy Batman. The instructor was so energetic, which was really cool and she blasted fun, pump up music on the speakers. Every time a new song came on, we did a different type of “workout”: Speed (pedaling as hard as we could with mini breaks), climbing (increasing the resistance on the bike every 30 seconds), stairs (alternating between sitting and standing while pedaling hard), etc. I was sweatin’ like a mug and panting so hard the people next to me where probably concerned for my health. My legs felt like jello afterwards. I got my butt kicked but it felt so good to work that hard. If you want a killer workout, I highly recommend going to a spin class :)

Thursday: 800 repeats. 15 min warm up, 4 800s (at 3:45), 15 minute cool down. My roomie and I ran to the HS track near our apartment and busted out 4 800s this morning. It felt great to turn the legs over. I’m planning on doing 800 repeats once a week, now until the marathon – and I’ll be dropping the pace gradually. Bring on the speed!

Swim, bike, run? Hmmm…. :)

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